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Family Provision Claims

How We've Helped Individuals Protect Their Rights.

Have you been left out of your parents' wills?

Have you been left out of your partners' wills?

We help people just like you to achieve what they deserve.

We have significant experience in obtaining just outcomes in NSW and QLD and we are equipped to achieve similar outcomes in other jurisdictions.

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Family Provision family provision

Estate Planning

How We've Helped Individuals Preserve Their Wealth.

Are you a high net worth individual?
Do you have blended families?
Do you have overseas assets?

What steps have you taken to preserve your wealth on your passing if you have family members who are minors or with disability, gambling addiction, alcoholics or possible bankrupts?

We've helped our clients tackle these issues in order to preserve wealth for their family and other beneficiaries in days of changing taxation rules, interest rates and inflation.

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Experienced practising solicitor

Hi, I’m Thao Le

I’m an experienced practising solicitor who works with individuals and businesses to help them achieve their objectives. My special expertise is in the area of wills and estates. I can also advise on taxation arrangements aimed at protecting wealth and preserving hard earned benefits.

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Thao Le is a dedicated, committed and hard working lawyer who can be relied upon to give well researched and practical answers to legal problems. She has the highest integrity and honesty and always gives 100% effort to every task she undertakes.
Associate Professor Terry G., RFD

Of the many solicitors I know throughout Queensland, I most often recommend people contact Thao Le for their Conveyancing, Wills & Estates, and Family Law matters. Having known and worked with Ms Le for 8+ years, her distinguishable traits include: reliable, easy to approach, excellent knowledge of the law, and genuinely seeks to obtain the best results for her clients. I have witnessed Ms Le's outstanding commitment to the court and as a result, she has become a highly respected solicitor.
Marc M., Lawyer

Thao Le is experienced in dealing with difficult matters and excels in regard to legal research. I have no hesitation in recommending Ms Le to any legal problems requiring high echelon responsibility.
Stephen D., Lawyer

Thao is very organised, detailed and diligent in all her legal work, as well as professional and kind to her clients. She is a trusted, approachable and empathetic to all situations. Thao will see the work through till it completes, and has the highest ethics and principles. I would recommend Thao for any legal issue you may have.
Dr Peter H., Consultant