Our Vision

A growing focused organization providing qualified and competent advice to help individuals and businesses resolve difficulties in the area of wills and estates; and in the process increase awareness and empower every parent to properly provide for their loved ones.

Our Mission

We help individuals who have been left out of their loved ones’ wills to protect their rights and interests, to preserve wealth and protect causes by providing tailored legal solutions, transparent pricing options and incredible experience.

Our Values

Focus on Expertise - we dig deep into problems, solutions and situations to derive your path to success.

Into the Future - we are visionary thinkers. We take steps to make your future a reality. Our tireless efforts are directed to you reaching your goals.

Create workable solutions - we offer valid reasons and substantial evidence to support our thinking and conclusions.

Responsibility - we persist in working until we can deliver on our promises. We are persons of our word, and you can rely on and trust us.

Always curious - we have deep understanding of the subject matter but never cease to pursue mastery and access to knowledge to better serve you.

Relatable - we help you reach your goals. We seek strong relationships with our clients and and find deep satisfaction in helping them succeed.

Our Story

I am the founder and principal lawyer of Legale, which specialises in helping individuals and businesses meet their ambitions and goals.

What makes us different?

Our pricing and solution frameworks are tailored to each individual's needs and offer a blueprint to help you achieve your ambitions.


Originally from South Vietnam, I made my way to Australia when I was 15 to become a boarder at a Sydney girl school.

The path to where I am today has been one of ups, downs and learning from life and people.


I was born and grew up in a storage shed. My father was a teacher by day and a trishaw rider by night. He only made enough to feed me.

While my childhood was strict and we were living in difficult conditions, I had everything I could ask for.


My parents worked hard and within a few years, they decided to send me to Australia for a 'better life'.

Life was different.

I came with very limited English. However, I managed to top Mathematics for 3 consecutive years and received two awards for Excellence in Mathematics.

I then found myself studying Medical Research at Sydney University and followed by Law at Bond University.

Deep within, I want to make a difference to people's lives so they can resolve their problems and achieve the freedom they deserve.

Many people have achieved their dreams. YOU CAN TOO! By knowing your rights and taking action.


We support you to find the right service.

We cordially welcome you to join our free 30-minute consultation where we confidentially discuss your personal needs to nail down the best service to achieve your goals.

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